What air conditioning do I get?

As the summer approaches and the temperatures “tighten”, choosing a good air conditioner is the ideal solution for a room (or even a home) cool. The parameters for selecting the appropriate air conditioner are sufficient and mainly relate to its BTU power, energy class and inverter or conventional (on / off) selection.

How many BTUs do I get?
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Air conditioning compressor malfunction: Possible causes

Do you want cold summer air and transparent windows in winter? Then you want a functioning air conditioning compressor. This is the air conditioning system feeding the high-pressure refrigerant before the pump in the condenser, which changes the gas into a liquid.

Not all air conditioning problems are caused by the fact that the system has little refrigerant gas. Some are caused by system components, such as the compressor. The air conditioner compressor, usually operated by a serpentine service belt, sometimes makes noise or crunches before breaking, but may also stop working without any warning light.
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Fashion trend of 2017 – colored pantyhose

If you do not have enough money to buy new clothes and the clothes in the closet are old and ordinary, it is enough to buy a trendy trend – a pantyhose. You do not have to buy them in the best boutiques and fashion houses, because with the good taste and the desire to change the image, the most common tights from the market will do. The more dense the fabric, the more intense the color will decorate you in the coldest and most gray time.

The pantyhose is a bright accent that attracts attention, so it is worthwhile to look at their choice carefully. The site emphasizes that it is just as important to combine clothes as an unsuccessful combination can give the impression of vulgarity or absurdity, thus destroying all your efforts.
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Why do not we ride a zebra?

In appearance zebras and horses are very similar. For a long time, a man uses a horse as an assistant in everyday life and in war. In our history, it was the horse that played the most important role in comparison with other animals. But why, since the external resemblance to a horse is so great, did not a man try to use a zebra as his assistant? Moreover, since modern people originated in the territory of Africa, why did our ancestors not try to use zebras for their needs, but could get along with horses when they got to Eurasia? And how exquisitely looked in the ranks of striped animals during the solemn parades and reviews!

It’s all about the problems of domestication. In order for an animal to be suitable for domestication, it must satisfy five criteria: it could easily be caught without a particular danger to one’s life, it could be safely planted in captivity, it should not compete with a person for its food, and finally , these animals should have a clear hierarchy. Of all animal species, an extremely small number is suitable immediately for all these criteria. That is why in his entire history before the era of industrialization, man was able to domesticate only a few species, if we talk about large animals. And the zebra is not included in their number.
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Fashion is such a fashion – today everything is in the atmospheric mini, and tomorrow only skirts in the floor

It is difficult to predict how much time flower and animal prints will be in the trend. If you really want to buy clothes with light pressure, but you do not want the season to fit the hanger in the closet, follow several recommendations.
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The vast majority of lifting and tilting doors

Initially, tilt-gates placed on the same line with, but production sections for lifting and sectional door in Third World countries, as well as reducing the thickness of the metal section has led to cheaper gate lifting type (PSV). At the same time, the rise in metal prices led to an increase in the price of the lift gate, which made it no less popular. At present, the hoisting and swinging doors (APV) on an expensive house look at least solid
The vast majority of lift and tilt gates are protected by garages. What makes the owners such a choice?
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Private lessons of painting and drawing

If you want to start drawing, or your child requires a painting teacher, but for some reason you do not want to give it to a circle or an art school, there remains a very effective way out – drawing lessons at home. An individual approach to the transfer of knowledge ensures the development of the child’s interest in painting, drawing, sculpture. And most importantly – the desire to create, fantasize, develop.
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In kindergarten, each child must create a suitable place to study

It can be a solid mass class for classes. Looks good inside for two students a long table top, located at the window. Children will have enough of this place and there will be no problems with natural light. In the children all the furniture is selected according to their growth. They like to paint, carve, so they will fit with folding desks that do not occupy much space.

Gripping the device inside for a daughter and a son, should think about the fact that children grow very fast, and make repairs in the room every 2-3 years not only waste, but also not recommended. It is better to think immediately about creating a design, as it says “grow”. To do this, it is better to choose classic style furniture because it will never come out of fashion and will be strict and appropriate in any interior.
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It is appreciated by its ecological properties, hypoallergenic properties

The body of the cotton thing “breathes”. Cotton keeps the heat well, but does not protect moisture from moisture. This deficiency is corrected by special impregnation with repellent water.

5. Wool. The warmest natural material, even 20% of the wool added to synthetic fibers, makes things much warmer.
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They have at your disposal a universal dress that you can wear for all types of events

So, let’s try to figure out what kind of woman dress should be for all occasions?

First is the versatility of the dress in the simplicity of the silhouette and its comfort. And that means that dresses with deep cut-outs on the back, corsets and mini-skirts are immediately rejected. Secondly, it is necessary that the style of the dress matches modern fashion, but it was not specific. And third, the dress should emphasize dignity and create a feminine silhouette.
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