Before you go for a long trip

Of course, having to change the main elements of the braking system during the holidays is almost apocalyptic scenarios: Just make sure that the time as it should be natural as its wear pads do not forget when you are Changes the last time the fluid brake.

Proper operation of the brakes, it will never tire to repeat, it is vital to the driver. In short, if you postpone the usual maintenance and usual checks due to lack of time, maybe due to too much work, do not overlook it completely before you leave by car from your garage or your garage on trust! There are also things much easier to control the condition of your brakes, but sometimes it is overlooked. This is useful, for example, checking the proper functioning of the lights, the windscreen wipers (still hoping it does not rain!), Tire condition, oil level and coolant.

Check the car before going on holiday
Travel, avoiding the toughest holes

What are the other things to check out what’s “with a screwdriver in your hand as a quiet and fearless one having to be forced to call in a full feast, this great genius of his friend doing miracles?” The wearing condition of the alternator’s belt should simply see that it will not take too long. If you have doubts about the wear of the dampers, also do the classic tests rebounding, leaning on the front hood to put your mind at rest. Also check the tire pressure and the correct tire condition. Remember, however, wherever you go when you travel it is nice to do it in a relaxed way, even driving. Right at this point, as he sings Batisti, “not flying, but traveling” driving “gently, without a sharp engine” is an excellent idea for you and your car!