Bermuda: what it is and how they wear

An alternative to summer shorts, which we have talked about in previous publications, are undoubtedly Bermuda Shorts, which is devoted to today’s article.

Regarding the origins of the story and the appearance of Bermuda would be right, they did not shorts call and short pants. The fact is, at the end of the XIX century, which fought as British soldiers in a hot climate, they have an urgent need for comfortable and light clothing. Cutting off military pants to the center of the knee, leaving them the same free and strong, Schneider has solved the problem of war and provided her with the perfect uniform. And it was the first, Bermuda who got their name, it is not difficult to guess Bermuda, which later turned out to be the most popular.

Today, short pants are particularly relevant. The universal shapes and optimal length Bermuda shorts are worn with many elements of the wardrobe combined in each style. Beach and a bright, classic austerity, sports and light – the right thing to find, especially on, is not difficult.

Designers stop massively shining materials and items with an excess payetochnym precious glitter and kitsch call. In addition, they all offer the view of a bright shine change and is recommended not only to bypass his party but also to actively increase the glittering elements in their cabinets.

What we seemed yesterday to be elegant and provocative, offered today, which we related to everyday and relaxed clothes. Sequins, metal thread, color, crystals, rhinestones and metallic shades – all this and suggests on some special occasion for us, brilliance and festive mood. But each day in a way less any framework and boundaries, so every day the border between vulgarity and nobility harder to catch.

Of course, it all depends on deals. How exactly you prefer to wear a glittering textures, so will be the result. Mind and style are not broken off.