Ceremonial clothes

For events that take place before 20:00, men can wear outfits of different colors, but not very bright. If the celebration passes later, then it is worth giving preference to darker outfits.

At events “without a tie”, you can wear a free-cut suit, replacing a tie with a neckcloth or come without it at all.

For solemn events, choose silk and satin shirts. For especially solemn events, to the shirts, fasten cufflinks.

For events without a strict dress code, for example, dinner, you can wear jeans with a velvet, dark jacket and lacquer shoes.
Casual clothes and clothes for rest

Male etiquette, clothing, leisure, jeans, sweaterJunks are a favorite clothing for many people. Jeans, whose models are now nemerenoe quantity, can be combined with shirts, and with T-shirts, and with jackets, and with t-shirts, in general, with any top. The main thing is to combine the right colors.

Also wear jeans with different belts and shoes of different styles.

For trips outside the city or on the nature, jeans with a sweater will be an excellent option. It will be both comfortable and decent looking.