Fashion trend of 2017 – colored pantyhose

If you do not have enough money to buy new clothes and the clothes in the closet are old and ordinary, it is enough to buy a trendy trend – a pantyhose. You do not have to buy them in the best boutiques and fashion houses, because with the good taste and the desire to change the image, the most common tights from the market will do. The more dense the fabric, the more intense the color will decorate you in the coldest and most gray time.

The pantyhose is a bright accent that attracts attention, so it is worthwhile to look at their choice carefully. The site emphasizes that it is just as important to combine clothes as an unsuccessful combination can give the impression of vulgarity or absurdity, thus destroying all your efforts.

Color pantyhose
The colorful tights were very popular in the sixties to enjoy fashion, they became a trend in 2017.

This season has no color restrictions, the shade of this wardrobe element can be chosen in accordance with mood, temperament and other personal qualities. But many fashion houses prefer burgundy, pink, blue and orange colors.