Foam (memory foam)

You can find dozens of different types of foam mattresses that differ in thickness, and the composition of the foam (traditionally, including plant-based gel). The composition of the foam and the thickness of the mattress depends on its price, which is from 160 to 2,000 dollars. When choosing a foam mattress you must pay particular attention to the density of the foam, it affects not only the life of the mattress, but also your comfort.

It should be remembered that the good companies offer guarantees for their products up to 20-25 years. If you choose the mattress guarantee below, it is better to forego the purchase. Some companies also offer so-called “screening period” (trial period) from 30 to 90 days. This is the time when you can decide from the purchase and either return or replace it, therefore when buying with the seller a mattress check Their rights, the goods returned.

This year, consumers have recognized the most comfortable and reliable products Simmons ComforPedic Company, Tempur-Cloud, Spa Sensations and Amerisleep.

The worst is recognized by IKEA products company, Ashley and mattress Tempur simplicity.

NASA technology has created a few years of Tempur before coating – viscoelastic material bearing contours. These mattresses are very comfortable, but there are decent – not less than $ 2,000. Simplicity – just an attempt to create a relatively (1100-1200 dollar) cheap mattress from this material. However, according to experts and consumers, the attempt was unsuccessful.