For the operation of cars

During the operation of the vehicle in the production of its planned maintenance before the owner gets a choice to purchase parts and consumables.

Currently, the market of automotive spare parts and accessories is a wide range of products from different manufacturers.

Trying to take a segment of the market, some manufacturers offer the product at the most favorable price for the buyer in the hope that car owners to save these funds will prefer their product without thinking about how to achieve the low Your retail price and how it can affect the further operation of the vehicle.

One of them is the braking system of the car the most important elements.

It was the one that controlled the speed, stopping and keeping the machine in a state of rest, ensuring the safety and reliability of the driver and passenger movement in the vehicle. Performance Braking system depends on the quality and reliability of each of these elements.

Original brake pads and discs are specially designed by the manufacturer to achieve optimal interoperability and maximum braking performance.

When buying brake pads and discs, do not skip the price. Choosing high quality and original specimen, you can get high braking performance on any road surface, different types of roads, style of driving and more resources that works.

Cabin filters

Cabin filter provides dirt retardation penetration from outside through ventilation holes heating systems. Quality cabin filter mounted affects the health of the owner of the car and its passengers.

The Honda Air Cabin Filters, developed by the manufacturer taking into account all the factors affecting the air conditioning system of the vehicle, contain an electrostatic layer in which the interior does not even fall into the smallest particles up to 0.5 microns.

This allows you to slow the base of “solid” pollutants such as carbon black, reducing the risk not only from allergic reactions but serious lung diseases.