How to choose the right pillow

The optimal size
For an adult size is optimal pillow 50×70 cm, which allows the use of sleep space efficiently. The most common size of children’s pillow is 40×60 cm.

Cushion cover
The cushion must be made with a dense, filler of a fabric that does not lift out. In this case, the substance should be light and breathable. “Sweet” Sleeping on an air cushion will be extremely difficult.

The quality of welds
The seams should be strong and small from the needle without conspicuous punctures and bores. To check the seams strength and flexibility when a little to buy them pull.

Favorite position during sleep
For those who prefer to lie on their back low pillows of medium hardness to sleep. Lovers sleeping on your side should choose a hard pillow whose height is equal to the width of the shoulders. People, especially on their tummy sleeping should be soft and compact pillows.