How to wear dress Summer: Tips stylists

First fully appreciated the beauty sundress wardrobe a topic Russian ladies in the 14th century. Several centuries sundress was based clothing women occupy different positions in society: the combination of beauty and convenience of its beloved bourgeois commercial and small and peasant. Time passed, and lost innocence Russian native dress, becoming more open and short. But today, dress floor triumphantly returned to the podium and hit fashionistas variety of models. Make the right choice will help you our advice.

A Council №1. Choose a style according to the type of figure
Summer Dress floor suitable for women of any age. The main thing to choose the right style. Models with high waist highlights beautiful and perfect cleavage hide wide hips and lower abdomen. Dress with lots of frills visually increase a breast. However, women must complete to give, and baggy models that will feel uncomfortable.

Choose a style according to the type of figure

By the way pay attention to costs and dress for women in an interesting position. Models made of natural fabrics with high waist and wide skirt – perfect clothes for pregnant women.

Council №2. Do not be afraid of bright colors
We strongly encourage you not to give in white dress on the floor. Many designers on the catwalks for spring-summer 2013 presented a model that will look particularly well tanned body.
But this season is dominated by bright colors: bright blue and purple, magenta, yellow, emerald green. Special honors colorful floral and ethnic prints.

№3 Council. Dress + accessories = an elegant evening dress
Summer dress to the floor must be in a suitcase, you take on vacation. By day it is ideal for walks along the coast or in the park, and in the evening in a new play, if you add a few large accessories. Is high, that is not lost on the background of large spots, which is a sundress.

Council №4. Choose the right shoes
A perfect complement to summer sundress on the floor will be open shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, sandals can easily afford to tall women, but ladies short stature should look at the shoes on the platform.

№5 Council. To be able to present
This advice is most important, because the secret image is not in a sundress, and ability to effectively look into it. A beautiful woman who knows how to skillfully hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of living.