In cooler weather, with a skirt sun will look great

This shirt should be as simple as possible. Remarkably can cope with this task and body. If you do decide to put on a shirt, and throw it over a short fitted jacket or blazer.

Try to choose colors across properly so that they interact well with each other, emphasizing the beauty skirt profitable. Watch kit consists of red or coral skirt and blouse in blue, white or black. This solution is suitable for everyday and stylish ensembles. romantic outfit can be composed, in a skirt of the sun with the same white color shirt or top.

To create a “retro” can easily pick up a blouse or shirt skirt sun. Routine sets over a shirt, you can take a jacket, a park or a denim jacket, and the shoe to choose comfortable shoes, solid shoes or sandals with wedge heels. If you do a business or a holiday image, it can not do without boats on the heel. To emphasize the waist, blouses Tuck shirt into a skirt.

The sun can wear a short skirt or sweater svitshot. This option seems very young and harmonious. Interestingly will look in cardigans cut loose, bares one shoulder. In this case, it is recommended to wear a shirt underneath. Complement young sun set with a skirt will allow light shoes, shoes or boots with lacing gross massive soles. It all depends on your style.

skirts sun always requires an emphasis on the waist belt so try to emphasize this part of the body. Top arrangement will be beneficial to emphasize the breasts, and a long skirt flying, the sun, in turn, will fill the picture of elegance and femininity.