In kindergarten, each child must create a suitable place to study

It can be a solid mass class for classes. Looks good inside for two students a long table top, located at the window. Children will have enough of this place and there will be no problems with natural light. In the children all the furniture is selected according to their growth. They like to paint, carve, so they will fit with folding desks that do not occupy much space.

Gripping the device inside for a daughter and a son, should think about the fact that children grow very fast, and make repairs in the room every 2-3 years not only waste, but also not recommended. It is better to think immediately about creating a design, as it says “grow”. To do this, it is better to choose classic style furniture because it will never come out of fashion and will be strict and appropriate in any interior.

The role required for the opposite-sex children’s room is played by light. Daylight is often too low, installing more levels of illumination can help. The main light source is excellent for a game area. In the area of beds, small luminaires with scattered light will suffice. Table lamps are required for workplaces, and each child has its own light source.

When zoning space for children of different genders, it is important not to lose a feeling out of reach of all toys should ensure that every child access to furniture. It is important to ensure that opening and closing doors by pulling drawers was an easy process for him.

To protect children from accidental blows, you should leave passages between objects in width from 60 to 80 cm, and if the size of the room, given the possibility, and then all 100 cm.