Diagnosis and repair of the chassis of the car

The running gear of the car regularly experiences heavy loads, and therefore is subject to wear. Diagnosis and repair of the suspension – a pledge of your comfort and safety on the roads. If you notice any signs of malfunctions of the chassis, you should immediately contact the service station. In view of the poor quality of the roads on which cars are operated, we recommend conducting a running test every 3 months.
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Gates for the garage lift is not everyone can afford

In most cases, buying finished tilt gates and installing on their own, according to the instructions. To make up-and-swing gate with its own hands, we must have engineering expertise for the correct installation and the calculation of the counterweight. The greater weight of the plate is, the more difficult it is to be a counterweight. Even before the work necessary to determine the mechanism of opening either hinged-arm or with counterweights. You must also carefully design all: measure the opening, make a drawing or finish one, draw a sketch. You can learn in advance the cost of consumables and their total costs will calculate the amount of funds to determine which you need to invest in this construction.
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How to wear dress Summer: Tips stylists

First fully appreciated the beauty sundress wardrobe a topic Russian ladies in the 14th century. Several centuries sundress was based clothing women occupy different positions in society: the combination of beauty and convenience of its beloved bourgeois commercial and small and peasant. Time passed, and lost innocence Russian native dress, becoming more open and short. But today, dress floor triumphantly returned to the podium and hit fashionistas variety of models. Make the right choice will help you our advice.
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Test: Toner for laser printers (toners)

Fortunately, the owner of a brand new printer has no limits: one care’s manufacturer has supplied a cartridge hidden “native” tones. Printer, print holder of the printer, not knowing cares as long as the sides did not begin to appear white stripes. Here also comes a time to think before stumbling travelers, what “way” to choose. Content: You can “go straight” and buy a new printer with a new cartridge: a very simple, very stupid and very expensive. You can “go straight” and buy a new cartridge, very good but also very expensive. Correct because many manufacturers do not recommend refilled cartridge. Expensive because the price of a brand new cartridge natives often is about 70% of the cost of a new printer. Most printers users prefer to “go left” and refill the cartridge. It is only necessary to choose a way to refuel. You can contact the firm for filling cartridges. In this case, you have to pay money, and hope that you have filled cartridge quality. And it is possible to fill the cartridge. For this purpose, in addition to the skills you definitely need toner.
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