Private lessons of painting and drawing

If you want to start drawing, or your child requires a painting teacher, but for some reason you do not want to give it to a circle or an art school, there remains a very effective way out – drawing lessons at home. An individual approach to the transfer of knowledge ensures the development of the child’s interest in painting, drawing, sculpture. And most importantly – the desire to create, fantasize, develop.

But if you are not a child, but quite an adult. And for a long time already you have a strong desire to create, depict, and paint on the canvas, but have not yet decided on this step. Just do not know where to start, afraid that your friends will not understand, or even think that you will never get to paint like Van Gogh and therefore it makes no sense to take up this matter. It seems to me that now I will make you happy. You can not paint like Van Gogh.
And no one can. And if he can, then the value of this artist will be zero. The great artist differs in that he does not repeat anyone, but opens his own. His style, his technique and his theme in creativity. But in any case, you need a mentor. And most likely reading this text you are looking for it.
The mentor will be able to remove all your fears, organize the creative process and soon you will begin to receive that energy that you so lack. Different people come to me. Before I start training, I always ask, what would you like to receive from the class? It is important for me to know what a person expects.