Shorts with high waist and tights, with what to put

Combine shorts with high waist and other elements of clothing is not easy. Add tights here, and it will become even more difficult. The general rule is this: the rest of the outfit must be simple. Choose a straight cut blazer and a simple T-shirt, and put off excessively ornamental clothing for another time. Since shorts with a high waist attract attention to the upper half of the body, the throat should balance, and not accentuate the chest and shoulders.

Feminine style

If you want to look coquettish and elegant, put on with shorts and tights exclusively feminine blouse. One option is a kamisol with a cardigan. Fill the comb in the shorts, and from above, throw an open cardigan. Buttons only button on top, then the ensemble will turn out to be more solid. The finishing touch will put elegant boots.

A baggy shortened sweater will show an overstated waist, visually extend the legs and draw attention to the shoulders. This is a good option for women with a narrow torso, because it gives it volume. If the chest is large, and the shoulders – wide, short baggy sweater will make them even larger.

Casual style

Shorts with a high waist do not have to look smart, they are easy to include in the everyday ensemble. Tuck a shorts T-shirt with a funny print, if you want to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Shorts with a high waist attract the eye up, so if you have a small chest, the cutout of the boat balances the proportions.

With a medium or large chest, you can demonstrate more body, for example, wear a t-shirt with a deep neckline or with open shoulders. Tennis shoes or sneakers will complete this unpretentious outfit, but the shoes should be low, so as not to shorten the legs visually.

Boyish style

You can borrow ideas and guys, for example, put on a loffer, with them, even elegant tights look more modest. A free truncated sweater demonstrates the waist. But if you do not want to limit the men’s style of shoes, put a shirt with a blazer instead of a sweater. Choose a fitted blazer to avoid the square shape of the figure. The front-to-back shirt is suitable for any shape, but if you have a large chest, do not wear a shirt with pockets on your chest, with them the upper part of the figure seems even thicker.

Common Errors

When you wear shorts with tights, it is desirable to hide your legs as little as possible, otherwise they will appear shorter and thicker. Both shoes and shoes choose low.

For any type of figure with a pronounced upper part, for example, an “inverted triangle” or an “hourglass,” high-waisted shorts will look better with a blouse that balances that half of the body. Avoid transparent fabrics, with them you can look sloppy. The high neck draws the eye upward, breaking the balance in a figure of this type.

Ornamental details, such as ruches and frills – are also not the best choice, they violate the simplicity and grace of the silhouette with high shorts and tights.