Sleeve base and collar of jackets

Perhaps this is the most difficult part and the most common defect of poorly cut jackets. Ideally, there should be no depressions and bends at the top of the sleeve, and the collar should be snug against the neck. In the photo below you see these flaws.

Often at this point, the fabric is stretched excessively, forming folds in the form of the letter X. Sometimes this is done purposefully in accordance with the tendencies of modern fashion, but more often it is a sign that the jacket is tight at the waist. Please note, the following example does not provide this flaw.

In addition, the problem zone can also be a spin. Unseemly wrinkles and tension in the waist, shoulders and under the collar. A well-fitting jacket should be rid of these problems and look clear and smooth.

You can often see wrinkles on the sleeves, if it is not sewn properly. Here is an example of such a problem:

A well-fitting jacket has slots that fit against the body. Make sure that the slots of your jacket are similar to those in the picture.

This includes primarily the balance of the length of the front and rear, as well as the left and right. There are two schools, two views on the ratio of the front of the jacket and the back. Some tailors adhere to the view that the front should be slightly longer than the back of the jacket. Others believe that they should be equal. On our examples we are dealing with the second school. Another aspect is the left and right balance. Here, fortunately, there are no two opinions: both the left and the right side should be aligned with each other.

Picking up a ready-made jacket or suit in the store, and stopping at the most appropriate size, do not be lazy and measure another one or two copies of the same size. Most likely, they will sit slightly differently. Or have one or the other drawback from the ones described above. Carefully examine it from all sides and, make sure that everything is in order, and only after that go to the checkout.

It was a brief instruction on how to wear a jacket. Remember that the right size is alpha and omega male style. Successful shopping for you!