Test: Toner for laser printers (toners)

Fortunately, the owner of a brand new printer has no limits: one care’s manufacturer has supplied a cartridge hidden “native” tones. Printer, print holder of the printer, not knowing cares as long as the sides did not begin to appear white stripes. Here also comes a time to think before stumbling travelers, what “way” to choose. Content: You can “go straight” and buy a new printer with a new cartridge: a very simple, very stupid and very expensive. You can “go straight” and buy a new cartridge, very good but also very expensive. Correct because many manufacturers do not recommend refilled cartridge. Expensive because the price of a brand new cartridge natives often is about 70% of the cost of a new printer. Most printers users prefer to “go left” and refill the cartridge. It is only necessary to choose a way to refuel. You can contact the firm for filling cartridges. In this case, you have to pay money, and hope that you have filled cartridge quality. And it is possible to fill the cartridge. For this purpose, in addition to the skills you definitely need toner.

The toners of four main components: the actual paint binder which provides ink adhesion to paper, and the electric charge carrier disintegrant which prevents toner particles adhere spontaneously at room temperature. The exact composition of the toner is a commercial secret developer and the average consumer is generally of little interest. Many more people are interested in printers, print quality and how it affects tones. In addition, it is important to take good care of toner to the details of the printer. In this sense, the value of abrasive particles of toner. It is important to remember and toners compatible with brands of printers, such as absolutely universal toner does not exist.

TESTING Printer manufacturers insist that the cartridge after refilling “nonnative” tones are definitely worse print. Some models are accompanied cartridges “one-time” use, ie so that it is impossible to fill. We decided to compare the “native” and “non-native” toners for laser printers, in the same way as if they are well written, or the difference is still there. To do this on two different printer can print five different brands of toners and printing native to each of the printers toners. Toners used the following brands: Color Way, MK Imaging, WWM, Graphos and Static Control. To print using the Canon LBP2900 printer and Xerox Phaser 3117/3122 (D1). Print quality was evaluated three times: at the beginning of the life of the cartridge, in the middle and at the end of life. Under resource means 2000 pages at 5% coverage for Canon LBP2900 and 3,000 pages at 5% coverage Xerox Phaser 3117/3122 (D1).

As a result of such testing, it was found that the “non-native” toners not worse “native” because showed no difference between the tested toner. They showed “excellent” print, not just at the beginning of life, but at the end. Considering the cost of a new cartridge, the amendment appears quite justified, at least on the part of consumers.

Labeling and packaging The only point, because as the total score was marked has been reduced to some toners. The labels of many examples is not designated manufacturer, not the date of manufacture, operating environment, precautions, storage recommendations. But the toner must be protected from moisture and sunlight, keep away from children. When using toners do not inhale it, try not to allow the toner gets in your eyes, and if any should occur, thoroughly rinse eyes with water. These simple recommendations excess label never will. Especially in view of the fact that the toners represent a hazard to human health (if regular consumption) as a result of harmful substances contained and very fine dust. There will be no more than a reminder that if you get toner on your clothes, shake it gently, then wash off with cold water. In no case do not hot, otherwise toner to print on clothes.

There were also comments on the packaging. The fact that the container in which toners are sold, and not so small. Often these bottles filled only half or 2/3.

Compatibility with printers According to information posted on the manufacturers of their toners are wide enough for a variety of printers scope of its application. Actually, it is compatibility between the Canon models, and Hewlett Packard (HP), as well as between Xerox and Samsung. At the same time in each of the brands have specific models of printers that can be refilled toner datatypes. The largest list of companies offering WWM and Mitsubishi. Such a wide range is explained simply enough – it is for this model to check compatibility. ie if such a list is no other brands, it is not Lake