The front lamps can be

A simple thread is used for the connection, while the flashing light itself was surrounded by a bimetallic strip. Later, it was decided to move to the incandescent filament, modified in length, in order to change the resistance of the material to intermittently. In some cases, he used a combination of electronic and pneumatic controls. Currently, despite being very effective, software-based control software is not so widespread. The flash light on the instrument cluster is simultaneously flashing indicators. However, if it flashes faster and produces more frequent noises, the reference beacon is defective. Thus, the driver knows immediately when the bulb in an indicator has to be replaced.

The same replacement is easy to achieve because there is free access both front and back. The front lamps can be reached from the sides, moving the covers. In the trunk, instead, simply lift the carpet laterally. Due to the fact that the light bulbs are easy to unscrew, the entire operation can be done within minutes. In our online store you will find all the necessary spare parts (eg flexible disc, pulse generator, air hose, fuel pump, clutch cable, etc.) for most car brands.