The vast majority of lifting and tilting doors

Initially, tilt-gates placed on the same line with, but production sections for lifting and sectional door in Third World countries, as well as reducing the thickness of the metal section has led to cheaper gate lifting type (PSV). At the same time, the rise in metal prices led to an increase in the price of the lift gate, which made it no less popular. At present, the hoisting and swinging doors (APV) on an expensive house look at least solid
The vast majority of lift and tilt gates are protected by garages. What makes the owners such a choice?

First, the gate of this kind (up-and-) does not need frequent lubrication, adjustment and secondly, it is possible to maintain the nerves and the car – such gates are never closed and is completely released in a gust of wind in the third gate structure “Distortion” pop, distortions and congestion.
The often so occur in other types of gates “in the marshes” in the garageists in the quaternary this type of door can arrange a large sturdy gate that is the same as the gates locked at the lock, in the fifth, and when they are open The turntables do not occupy either in the garage or outside the door, but in contrast to the rotary doors.
In the event of a power failure, you can unlock the gate automation (drive), and open it to unlock – such a feature is particularly valuable for those places where intermittent power failure is not uncommon.