What air conditioning do I get?

As the summer approaches and the temperatures “tighten”, choosing a good air conditioner is the ideal solution for a room (or even a home) cool. The parameters for selecting the appropriate air conditioner are sufficient and mainly relate to its BTU power, energy class and inverter or conventional (on / off) selection.

How many BTUs do I get?

The BTU of each air conditioner refers to its power, that is, the amount of energy that either the unit absorbs in cooling mode or “gives” heating. The choice of BTUs is very important in your market, since a low-power air conditioner in a large space will be insufficient and will “burn” a lot, and if it is of great power in a small space then again its operation will be inefficient will be able to effectively dehumidify the room.

“A rough calculation to calculate how much BTU we need is 250 per cubic meter, that is, about 750 BTUs per square meter,” says Mr. Christos Yiannakandropoulos, Energy Inspector. So if, for example, you have a space of 13-18 square, then a 9000 BTU air conditioner is ideal, and if the space is 25-40 square, then the ideal choice is 14000 BTU.

Tip: Before proceeding with the air conditioner purchase and to make sure it performs perfectly, it is advisable to have a look at the sunroof of the house openings, and see if there are awnings or some kind of sunshade on the windows. Also, give a great foundation where to place it. The indoor unit should be so as not to “hit you”, while the outdoor unit should be in a position where it is easy to maintain and well ventilated. It would be good to have a gap behind it in order for the air to pass through and be protected from plants that will clog the elements by making it down.